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Estate LA Watermelon Tearaway Fitted Cap

Estate LA are taking the tearaway concept to new heights with their upcoming Watermelon fitted. While the exterior features a detailed print of the outer skin of a watermelon, careful surgery will yield that familiar juicy red flesh complete with seeds. Only 24 hats of this creative concept will be available for sale on Sunday, August 31st at

Original Fake x New Era 59Fifty Fitted Cap

Hitting OF stockists soon will be another New Era cap featuring Kaws signature mark within his OriginalFake label. Keeping it fresh and simple, the 59Fifty model sports a nice gray on gray colorway with an embroidered all over X print. Always dropping fresh joints, this one is just another to add to the ever growing OF collection.

Mercedes x Murakami

Whether you are an otaku or a fashionista, there is a likely chance you have heard the name Takashi Murakami before. Some compared his successes and his collective of talented artists to the Pop-Art icon, Andy Warhol and The Factory.

Recently, Murakami was invited to Art Forum Taiwan, to talked to a stadium packed audience in regard to his formula to success and popularity worldwide. Murakami also narrated about his concepts and works, from Miss Ko² to the 2 figures that made him famous, the sexually charged Hiroppon and My Lonesome Cowboy.

Towards the end, the audience catch the sneak preview of the animated short, KaiKai & KiKi, which is currently in the works. The same animation as well as many of Takashi Murakami’s past works are all on display at Los Angles’ MOCA special Takashi Murakami retrospective.

2002 Lamborghini Diablo Canto - L147

This project has been code named L147. Production was going to be limited to 400 units.

The L147 has been scrapped and will nto be produced.

It was designed by Zagato.
Source -
The Canto prototype was an exercise to study the potential designs for supercar replacements. Various versions of the Canto were shown to the president of the Lamborghini company but unfortunately, was not deemed acceptable to carry the Lamborghini name and enter into production. The company responsible for creating the designs was the famous coachbuilding factory, Zagato.

The proposed engine was a 6.0 liter, V-12 engine producing 640 horsepower. If it
would have entered into production, the engine would have been slightly detuned to 610 horsepower. This way the factory could have maintained the similar maintenance schedule used for the 530 horsepower Diablo models. The target weight for the canto was to be around 2200 pounds. A semi-automatic six-speed shifter by Valeo with steering-wheel based buttons was proposed to drive the engine and power the rear wheels.

The plans called to debut the Canto at the Geneva Auto Show but due to financial uncertainties and unable to meet the 2200 pound requirement, the Canto project slipped farther away from production.

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Simpsons x Kid Robot

In one of the biggest blockbuster toy releases of the summer, the all-time greatest cartoon family makes the jump to the designer toy world with Kid Robot. Twenty four different characters including more obscure and less often seen personalities are all subjected to Kid Robot’s familiar design style. The 3-inch figures will retail for $7.95 USD at select stores as well as Kid Robot Flagship Stores.

Karl Lagerfield for Steiff Plush Toys

Famous German plush toy company Steiff got together with fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld to produce a couture teddy bear resembling Karl down to his trademark black and white suit, belt buckle and glasses. Always full of surprises, Lagerfeld continues his trend of obscure yet interesting projects. Although there is no concrete information regarding release, stay tuned for further developments.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Collection

French fashion house Louis Vuitton originally previewed their Damier Graphite collection a few months ago as the brand’s collection can only be equated to an instant classic in our eyes. The understated and subdued tonal gray/black pattern ensures a timeless nature often associated with many items colored in black. The collection includes a selection of bags, wallets and footwear.

Bape 2008 Fall/Winter Collection August Release

Bape has updated their site with a new range of items for their fall/winter collection. With Bape’s huge following, they have released a comprehensive selection which ranges from accessories, denim jackets, Manhunter boots as well as t-shirts and button-ups. Available now at Bape stores.

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jordon high hells

maria carry

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Nike ID t-shirt

Brazil vs New zealand

SHENYANG, China -- Ronaldinho scored two second-half goals to lead Brazil to a 5-0 rout over New Zealand and a spot in the quarterfinals of the Olympic soccer tournament.Ronaldinho netted his first goal of the tournament with a free kick in the 54th minute, and added another with a penalty kick in the 61st. The two-time FIFA Player of the Year hadn't scored for Brazil in an official competition in nearly a year.Anderson opened the scoring less than three minutes in. Alexandre Pato scored in the 34th and Rafael Sobis added another goal in second-half injury time to keep Brazil on track for its first gold medal in soccer.The victory at Shenyang Olympic Stadium secures Brazil one of the top two spots in Group C and a trip to the second round.


has to be my favorite car right now

Ascari, creators of the stunning KZ1 supercar, has just revealed that it has a second car in development – the 600bhp A10 – a road going version of Ascari's Spanish GT Race Car.

Currently undergoing rigorous testing in advance of its Summer 2006 release, the A10 is the next generation Ascari dream drive. Engineers at Banbury and at the exclusive RaceResortAscari racetrack, are committed to ensuring this 220mph supercar delivers a knockout blow to the competition. And just like its highly desired KZ1 cousin, the 1280kg A10 will be just as elusive, with just 50 to be hand-built at Banbury, and even more exclusive with a price tag of around £350,000.

Power will come from a 600bhp 5-litre V8 engine, with a six speed manual as standard and a sequential gearbox available as an option. With a six-piece carbon fibre body, fixed rear wing and distinctive headlight configuration, the A10 is destined to be a head-turner.
Source - Ascari
British Supercar manufacturer, Ascari has produced the answer to the Ferrari Enzo FXX, but for keeps!

Whereas the Enzo FXX is not road legal, it was produced to be driven during track days only and costs just over £1 million (1.5m EUROS), the A10 is road legal so can be driven home and parked on your drive, to the envy of your neighbours for just £350,000 (522.000 EUROS).

Designed, engineered and hand built in Banbury, England the A10 has 625bhp and weighs in at around 1200kg, thanks to its lightweight carbon fibre bodywork. Reaching 60mph in just 2.8 seconds and 100mph in less than 6 seconds, the manufacturer claims the A10 is the fastest road going production car around a race track.

Only 10 are available and will be built to order.

The A10 is more than just a revamped KZ1, which has found success in its first year of competing in the GT3 in 2006. It has new body panels, a reworked engine and suspension, with extensive brake modifications to cope with the extra power. Lucky owners will also benefit, if they wish, from some luxuries such as remote central locking, electric windows and door mirrors, climate control and a Thatcham Category 1 alarm system.

The UK's newest Supercar will make its first ever appearance at the 2006 MPH show in Birmingham, England on 28 October.

MPH'06 kick starts on October 26th at Birmingham's NEC for 3 days before heading south to Earls Court in London between 2nd and 5th November.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

CH x Furni Farmer Watch

A collaboration between CH and Canadian design-duo Furni, the all-white Farmer watch has lime green accents and features an alarm, stopwatch and more. Engraved with "we're on the hunt, we're after you," its dripping with retro '80s appeal.

Get it for $24 from Furni.

LIP Revival LED Diode Watch

Roger Tallon originally designed these very rare styles of square LED (Light Emitting Diode) watches in 1975. Just released with updated styles including green LED and the original red display here.

Available from Watchismo for $290. Mention Cool Hunting for a 10% discount.

Seletti Leather Football

This classic leather ball is perfect for a post-holiday meal friendly. With retro mid-century design, it will please athletes and esthetes alike.

Available at The Conran Shop for $85.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Koenigsegg CCXR Special Edition

one of the fastest cars in the world the Koenigsegg CCXR Special Edition.
The Edition is the ultimate supercar – a Koenigsegg at its most extreme - built to break records and deliver breathtaking performance. Only a very few models will be produced, in order to ensure exclusive status amongst supercar owners.

It has a clear, fully visible carbon fibre body, and is available in two versions: the 4.8 litre 888bhp CCX Edition and the CCXR Edition, which can be driven on environmentally friendly ethanol E85 and E100 fuels, as well as regular petrol. When run on E85 fuel the 4.8 litre engine produces 1018 bhp.

Furthermore there are many unique details on the car. The new forged, machined and polished aluminium Edition wheels for example, which are extremely light and incorporate optimum brake cooling. The bright, polished surface of the wheels was chosen to maximize the contrast against the exclusive black clear carbon body.

The Edition interior is clad in striking red leather and features a special version of the Koenigsegg Chronocluster including a redesigned centre console. All the interior aluminium parts are anodized in a specially formulated Koenigsegg Edition tone that has a unique and purposeful look.

The Edition has a high performance specially developed rear wing, a larger front splitter plus side front strakes. The aerodynamics have been verified and optimized in CFD and in real life on the Koenigsegg test track in Sweden and on various proving grounds in Europe, in order to achieve maximum downforce. Together with the lower ride height, modified shock absorbers, modified springs and anti roll bars, this makes the car perfectly suited for both serious track fun and winding country roads. There is also the option of Michelin Cup tyres and paddle-shift if so desired.

Prices for the CCX Edition start at 1,330,000 Euros net.
Prices for the CCXR Edition start at 1,500,000 Euros net.

Both cars come with a five-year factory warranty
Source - Koenigsegg
Koenigsegg Special Edition carsDue to request from certain Koenigsegg Clients and Customers, Koenigsegg has created a Limited Edition version of it's sought after cars.

The Koenigsegg Edition comes in two limited versions, the CCX and CCXR models.

It features a 5.0L twin supercharged Koenigsegg engine, together with many other unique features. The car is more track biased compared to the standard models, as it has stiffer springs and anti-roll bars, reset dampers and lowered chassis. It also features a fully visible carbon body a large adjustable rear wing, larger front splitter and side strakes for increased down force and a unique forged wheel design.

The interior is also reworked and features; color matched leather carpets, Edition side step plates, Edition chronograph instrument cluster, New edition only layout for the center consol control panels.

All other extra equipment comes as standard, such as Carbon Wheels, Special interior trim and color, Rearview camera, Satnav or Bluetooth, Amplifiers, complete Inconell exhaust system in order to save weight.

The Edition cars will be built in two different versions, a CCX model limited to 14 cars with 888 bhp and a CCXR (Bio flexi fuel) model limited to 6 cars with 1018 bhp. The price for the 888 hp CCX is 1 330 000 Euro, and 1 500 000 Euro for the 1018 hp CCXR (E85/petrol flex fuel) version. Editor's note: this is approximately $1,955,632 for the CCX and $2,205,600 for the CCXR. The two first of each version are already spoken for.

Each car comes with 5 years free Service and Warranty.

Unveiling of the Edition versions will be at the Geneva Motor show in March 2008, where the first delivery will take place.

Sneaker icons and corsers

Nike Sneaker Cursors

You know your life has been taken over by sneakers when you have Jordan posters covering every inch of your wall and computer background is related to shoes. Now you can take it to the next level by installing these sneakers cursors and icons. You can find pretty much any Nike shoe you wish for your mouse cursor. There are also some adidas and Puma ones as well.

Since the site is in Japanese, here are some instructions for installation:
1. After downloading the file, unzip using a program such as Winrar.
2. Copy the files into c:/windows/cursors/
3. Go to your control panel and open up “Printers and Other Hardware”
4. Click on “Mouse” then “Pointers” tab and you should be able to browse for the cursors that you unzipped into c:/windows/cursors/

Image: Sneaker Box

A Bathing Ape x New Era

A Bathing Ape recently collaborated with New Era to release store exclusive Fitted Caps. Other than the “1511-MGD-02007″ model which is available at every Bape Store, all other styles are exclusive to either Bape Store NY, Bape Store LA, Bape Store Shibuya, Bape Store Harajuku or Bapexclusive. The caps retail for 10,290 Yen and are available now.

A Bathing Ape Baby Milo 2008 July Collection

A Bathing Ape has dropped a series of tees this month referencing various brands and icons. Baby Milo is seen in various poses including references to Run DMC, fishing lure brand Rapala/Bape Fish Hoodie as well as Bape’s Panda Hoodie.My fav down below

Nike air max Beijing 2008 collection

i like the orange and black/gray one

Louis Vuitton Flagship Store by UNStudio

Dutch architects UNStudio is set to design the Louis Vuitton Flagship Store in Japan. UNStudio has been on the forefront of architecture with their unique forms and sense of space. The store will be a 10-story building with everything you can imagine including a cafe, spa, bookstore, exhibition gallery, and of course retail space.

The proposal has taken branding to the next level by incorporating Louis Vuitton’s famous monogram leaf shape into the design on both a big and small scale. The building takes on a green approach with multiple gardens and natural ventilation. Check out the great renderings and model after the jump.

new air yezzy pics

kanye looks like a good artist