Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mercedes x Murakami

Whether you are an otaku or a fashionista, there is a likely chance you have heard the name Takashi Murakami before. Some compared his successes and his collective of talented artists to the Pop-Art icon, Andy Warhol and The Factory.

Recently, Murakami was invited to Art Forum Taiwan, to talked to a stadium packed audience in regard to his formula to success and popularity worldwide. Murakami also narrated about his concepts and works, from Miss Ko² to the 2 figures that made him famous, the sexually charged Hiroppon and My Lonesome Cowboy.

Towards the end, the audience catch the sneak preview of the animated short, KaiKai & KiKi, which is currently in the works. The same animation as well as many of Takashi Murakami’s past works are all on display at Los Angles’ MOCA special Takashi Murakami retrospective.

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