Thursday, October 2, 2008

BAPE Tells Moms All Over The World To Put Down The Needle and Thread

BAPE gives overbearing moms a well deserved break with their latest concept involving personalized button-downs. Never again will you get a mean spanking when you come home wearing lil’ Tommy from next-door’s knickers, after having run home in a huff when lil’ Tommy turned your game of “i’ll show you mine, if you show me yours” into a game of “i’ll show you mine, then I’ll touch yours”.

Although no briefs have been released as of yet, BAPE has made it alot easier for you to identify your clothes from lil’ Tommy-tugs-alot’s, with their new customizable shirts. BAPE card members can order these classic shirts with their own initials embroidered in a speech bubble just above the BAPEhead logo. Making a good thing even better, the shirts are delivered in a fancy box with a bow and ribbon, so lil’ Tommy will have a great time unwrapping his very own shirt bearing the initials “U.R.A.G.U.A.Y” !

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