Thursday, October 2, 2008


Greg Lynn has won the golden lion for the best installation project in the international exhibition at the biennale, for a series of furniture made from recycled children’s toys.

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The objects include four different-sized tables with plastic panelite tops, a low bench,a storage wall, a coat rack and cylindrical shoe closet.

From the artist:

'my father worked for a corporation which produced blister packages', says lynn, 'plastics were the future and I was surrounded by it. now, almost half century later petrolium-based commodities are becoming new luxury items. I have two kids and they consume toys. I recycle their unused toys into 'bricks' to create furniture and usable objects.'the toys are laser scanned and digitized into a computer, their intersections are defined as cutting paths, a robot cuts their joints and connections with precision.the toy bricks then are welded together with a tool used to repair car fenders.

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