Thursday, October 2, 2008


Designed by Christina Ferraz, Rigo.

(DE)light is a project that reinterprets the concept of light as we know it. We can pour illuminated liquid from archetypical components like a lightbulb. The project challenges the way we use lighting and displayed and controlled.

Designer introduced: My first lamp explores the greatest metaphorical potential of my project by presenting liquid light in its most pure state: as a liquid contained in a bottle that can be manipulated as liquids normally are. Along with this bottle, I have created a set of two glasses that represent a lamp and a bulb – see pictures on the right. By pouring the liquid light into the glasses, the object meaning is given to the light – two new lamps have been created. However, the liquid remaining in the bottle reminds you of its intangible essence – there is no need of a lamp in order to have light. Light remains unattached to an object and able to be placed in any imagined context. I have used the quotidian gesture of pouring as a way to attach, or detach, light to its archetypes.

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